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Delivery & Installation Services

Effortless and Expert Services - Discover our top-notch delivery and installation solutions to make your furniture journey a breeze.

Countertop Measurement

Field Measurements

Honey Creek will contact you to schedule an in-home measure and assessment of the space. Once complete, you’ll be provided an inclusive quote of the product and install pricing.

Delivery Services


We do our best to ensure you can sit back while we perform the work in a timely manner. Enjoy your delivered product with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


Flooring Installations

We specialize in installations of our flooring products. Ask us questions to find out which products are best for your application needs. 


Furniture Setup

Take the hassle out of setting up your furniture pieces. We provide caution and care putting together your furniture items and placing them in the desired area in your home. We also provide services in removing unwanted furniture items. Call today for more information.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Happiness, Our Promise - Enjoy complete peace of mind with our satisfaction guarantee, ensuring you love every piece of furniture you choose.

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